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Hey guys! Not sure if anyone will read this, but I'm going to keep a record of my daily events... I'd rather be behind the camera so a blog will have to serve as a "vlog" for the time being! lol Anyway... My new short "Emily's Gone" (Director) is out now on VOD , some of the proceeds go towards suicide prevention.. check out the link below! I also added a bunch of new videos , the newest being the #ExploreMore series. I go on a lot of adventures, sometimes just for one picture that I'll end up keeping. I decided to start taking videos and editing them down to 15 second clips of the journey. Soon I will have longer more in depth ones as well. Im currently fixing my drone to get some more aerial videos as well. On top of all that I have two more shorts Im working on, "Forward" (DP/ EDITOR) and another one in pre production I will be directing.

Emilys Gone (Short Film)

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